On the toggle, click on the leg where there is a finding you want to record. (On mobiles you will find the toggle in the lower part of the screen. On desktops it is at the top next to the drawing of a hoof.

In the drawing of a hoof, choose by clicking on the areas where such a finding is seen. (In the mobile version, by moving the drawing to the left, you can see the sides of the hoof.)

After choosing the parts, a list of possible findings will be shown.

In the list, choose the finding you want to be matched with the areas. If there is no finding in the list, by clicking on “Next”, you can see all possible findings.

If there are multiple findings in the area, in the window that will appear, choose findings in the “Finding” list by ticking the relevant fields.

In the “Treatment” list, choose all methods used to treat this specific finding. Usually, the app automatically preselects a suitable treatment. You can change the default if you do not agree with it.

If you have chosen multiple findings, move between tabs and select the treatment for each finding. Continue until you have chosen a treatment for each finding.

Click on “Save” to save selected findings and treatments.

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